7 Times Eric Cantona Was King

Eric Cantona’s latest series of videos, ‘Commissioner of Football’ has the King returning to the spotlight once again. Here’s a trip down memory lane highlighting 7 times this Manchester United legend has ruled like a King.

#CantoYes, folks!

[divider]1996 FA Cup Final: Manchester United vs. Liverpool[/divider]

Cantona captained a Manchester United side that was on its way to completing a consecutive League Cup and FA Cup double-double victory against its fiercest English rivals. After a nervy goalless 85 minutes where both sides were wasteful in front of the goalposts, a David Beckham corner was delivered into the Liverpool box. David James then fisted the ball away, which fell directly to Cantona. Without hesitating, the King smashed the ball with his first touch.

“Boom!” Manchester United 1-0 Liverpool.

The Red Devils then went on to win the finals.

[divider]Volley Against Wimbledon FA Cup 1994[/divider]

A floated cross into the box by Dennis Irwin was headed away by Wimbledon defender Gary Elkin. Unfortunately for him, his poor clearance fell to Eric Cantona, who took a well-weighted first touch, which helped him set up for a powerful volley that blasted the ball to the back of the net.

[divider]Cheeky Chip Over Fellow Frenchmen Lionel Perez 1996[/divider]

It’s not unusual to see Eric Cantona dribble and smash goals from time to time. However, this finish was a class apart from the rest—even by his standards.

After a neat one-two combo with Brian McClair, Cantona was one-on-one against Sunderland goalkeeper, Lionel Perez. But did he shoot? No. Did he place the ball to the sides? Nope. In that moment, the King was an Emperor.

Feigning with a more intense posture, with his left arm extended and his magical right foot all the way pulled back, Cantona chipped the ball beautifully above the keeper which cruised into the top corner net, off the bar.