5 Workplace Comedies to Sneakily Watch at Work

The secret’s out: work sucks! Unfortunately, it’s also pretty mandatory if you want money. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sneak yourself some fun in the mean time, so here are 5 workplace comedies to sneakily watch while at work.

[divider]The Office (U.S.)[/divider]

Adapted from a British series with the same name, starring Ricky Gervais, NBC’s The Office is the workplace mockumentary that’s bound to make you question how seriously you should be taking you job.

The daring sitcom follows the happenings of a small office in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a branch of the Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company, and pretty much offers the perfect balance between shedding light on real workplace issues like rivalry and discrimination with very tender, human moments and awesome outrageous humour.

The genius single-camera set-up, the lack of a laugh track, and great writing ensure a superior imitation of fly-on-the-wall documentaries. If you’re willing to take the risk, get ready for a massive feel trip as you fall in love with the characters in this show.

While the 20 minute episodes are perfect to sneakily binge on at work, you risk the chance of going into hysterical, laughing (and crying) fits (seriously).

[divider]Parks and Recreation[/divider]

While often unfairly dismissed as a cheap knockoff of The Office (unsurprising, as it was actually developed as a spin-off), Parks and Recreation nails the idiosyncracies of the red tape encountered by smaller government offices while also making us fall in love with a team that makes the impossible possible.

The show’s witty humour, coupled with the undeniable cast chemistry, give way to a perfect depiction of charming characters and their epic attempts at chasing their common goal.

While the characters sometimes have their disagreements, their love and support for each other make for a rich, heart-warming and emotional experience for anyone watching Parks and Recreation.

Also, prepare yourself to meet RON SWANSON, the single most awesome person in the universe.
Ron Swanson

[divider]The Mindy Project[/divider]

Are you checking somebody out at work? The Mindy Project will help you stop ogling at your workplace eye candy by crushing your romantic fantasies.

Romance is not always sexy, sometimes messy, but definitely incredible. Following Dr. Mindy Lahiri (The Office‘s Mindy Kaling) on her quest for love, The Mindy Project subverts other sappy romantic comedies, by pairing the reality of romance with wit, and crazy, outlandish humour.

In addition to that, the people involved in the show are AWESOME! With about two guest stars an episode (whaaaat!!!), brilliant cameos from her ex co-stars in The Office, and Chris Messina’s dancing the true brilliance of this show is, of course, MINDY KALING (who created, wrote, and produced the show, all while starred in it, too).


If you work in the retail line, you’d probably classify this show as a need more than a want.

While Superstore uses a writing style that is typical to workplace comedies, it thrives on the exaggerated aspects of everyday situations as opposed to the usual comedy trope of comically exaggerated characters.

Despite being a comedy, the show still manages to touch on social issues like race and sexuality without getting too preachy. Superstore is bound to ring true to you with its brilliant depiction of mindlessly obnoxious shoppers and the snobs and slobs at work.

Be assured, you won’t hate your life as much the next time a kid knocks an entire row of cans down.

Having your job outsourced sucks, but imagine being outsourced to run a call centre in an entirely different environment… like India.

Outsourced is a humorous depiction of the struggles one will face when being thrown into an environment that is completely unfamiliar (in this case, managing a call centre in India).

Expect tasteful, humorous executions of a very unique scenario, that goes beyond the typical plot choice of just putting a character in uncomfortable family or work situations.