5 Ways To Drink Fireball In Singapore

Fireball needs no introduction in the US. Likened to standing face-to-face with a fire-breathing dragon, who just ate a whisky barrel full of spicy cinnamon, the cinnamon whisky has only recently been introduced to the local market, but it hasn’t taken long for it to blaze a trail with it available at some of the most popular drinking holes around the island

We take a look at some of the ways bars in Singapore have taken to drinking Fireball.

Fireball Sour @ SOS


SOS, a new bar and restaurant in Singapore’s business district caters to those looking for a neighborhood feel amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. Located at The Sail, it sits within 300 meters of 8 office towers and the residential buildings in the area, SOS is unique bar with a very relaxed atmosphere, perfect providing for taking a load off after work or enjoying a relaxing weekend for local residents, marina fitness gurus and recovering late-nighters.

Khai, the Head Bartender at SOS, has concocted the Fireball Sour. A drink that takes inspiration from the ‘Whisky Sour’ but without egg white. The Fireball sour is a refreshing combination of Fireball whisky, lemon juice, cinamon syrup and angostura bitters.

The Fireball Sour gives you that feel good feeling all year round
The Fireball Sour gives you that feel good feeling all year round

“The cinnamon syrup helps to bring out the cinnamon taste in the Fireball whisky, but the lemon juice and the bitters balance the drink with its acidity that gives you a ‘Christmasy’ drink that’s easy to go down that you can have all year.” – Khai.

Cinnamon Dream @ Jig-a-Jig


Tucked away along Mosque Street, in Singapore’s Chinatown, you’ll find Jig-a-Jig – a bar where you’ll find just as many locals as you would tourists and backpackers who’ll turn up to grab drinks after work, or before setting off to explore the rest of the island. A melting pot of cultures and backgrounds, it’s a great place to network with patrons from all walks of life and nationalities.

Once introduced to Fireball whisky, Shah, the resident bartender at Jig-a-Jig started to explore mixes and finally settled on the Cinnamon Dream. Cherry brandy, sweet vermouth and orange juice meld together with Fireball for this very easy to drink cocktail. But don’t be taken in by the sweet taste though, it can be quite potent.

The Cinnamon Dream is deceptively potent
The Cinnamon Dream is deceptively potent

“We took inspiration from the Singapore Sling, but then again we wanted to do something that’s unique and different in its own way. The mix gives you something that’s tropical, refreshing, but has a bit of a bite to it. It’s one of those sneaky drinks that get to you after a couple.” – Shah, Bartender at Jig-a-Jig

Boilermaker @ Skinny’s Lounge


Located at the end of Boat Quay, Skinny’s Lounge is an unpretentious drinking hole that delivers on its promise – good drinks and boisterous fun. An american-styled dive bar,  they’ve got drinking games galore, from Beer Pong to Jenga, and even a karaoke room to get up and sing when you absolutely feel that you need to. In keeping to its American roots, the best way to drink a Fireball at Skinny’s is by getting a Boilermaker.

A Boilermaker is typically a drink that consists of a glass of beer and a shot of whisky. The instructions are simple enough, have a shot of Fireball and chase it with a glass (or bottle) of beer. It’ll probably lead to some of the best nights you’ll never remember.

The Boilermaker works great for party challenges among friends

“We serve a lot of Fireball and the Sharkinator beer. We realized that the light easy-to-drink IPA works very well with the fiery cinnamon of the Fireball. Together they complement each other, and we get an American staple that works great when you’re alone and want to get a quick buzz or a drinking game if you’re with a group of friends.” – Cheryl, Bartender at Skinny’s Lounge.

Shot Shot Shot @ Mogambos


Almost at the other end of Boat Quay you’ll find one of the most popular bars around, Mogambos. A place that never needs much introduction, Fireball whisky fits in Mogambos’ gallery of shots without a hitch. Ringing the bell at Mogambos means you buy everyone around the bar a round of shots. Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple and just Fireball it.

A shot. Simple yet elegant.

“I think Fireball works best as a shot. The cinnamon flavour isn’t overpowering, but its just enough to make the whisky easy to drink as well. Fireball is easily one of the shots that gets picked when the bell tolls,”  – Willie, bartender at Mogambos.

The Riot @ Mad Men


The Mad Men Attic Bar, hidden in the attic of an old shop house, is far for a bar less-visited. Providing a great view of the CBD and sky scrapers in the area, the industrial-themed Mad Men is just the place for a fun night with great music courtesy of the amazing resident bands that’ll rock the dance floor, and good food and drink. In keeping with the raw, industrial vibe, man-behind-the-bar, Riot, feels that when it comes to Fireball, a proper pour counts more than a shot.

All stunts are performed by trained professionals
All stunts are performed by trained professionals

“When I first had a Fireball, I thought why even mix it up? I love it as it is. If you want to kick the night up, just go from the bottle.”  – Riot