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5 Tips to Survive a Wild Party Night

A crazy night out is probably good for the soul and it does keep your sanity intact. However the question is – How do you survive a night of drinks without compromising your dignity or feel completely out of order the next day? Here are a couple of ‘no-brainers’ that you think everyone should know but don’t – or just don’t practice.

[divider] Tip #1 -Always Eat First[/divider]

Survive a Wild Party - Food

Experienced party goers will totally agree on this. Excuses such as, “I didn’t have time,” or “I need to catch up,” shouldn’t ever come up, as this is one of the worst mistakes people somehow still continue to make. Without anything to soak up the booze, you’ll be seeing the floor faster than a 18-year-old after prom night. For me personally, here’s nothing like a good Bak Kut Teh before a night out…. and after as well.

[divider] Tip #2 – Think of it as a Menu[/divider]

Survive a Wild Party - Menu

Plan a night of drinking like a dinner menu. The logic is white to red with wine, light to dark with beer, white spirits before brown, dry to sweet, low alcohol to high. As we all know, logic can get in the way of fun, so don’t over think it.

[divider]Tip #3 – Always Hydrate[/divider]

Wild Night Hydrate

Having a glass of water per cocktail all night long is instrumental in staying sober. It also serves as a reminder that you have finished a drink, which helps you keep track of how many you have had. Enough said.

[divider]Tip #4 – Stay Socially Engaged[/divider]

Wil night Socialize

If you’re just sitting there drinking, you’ll get drunk and peak too early. Go mingle with people, speak to your friends or even the bartender. Take the chance to speak to someone who catches your interest. This is the chance to practice all the pick-up lines you know.

[divider]Tip #5 – Skip Energy Drinks[/divider]


When you combine caffeine and alcohol on a long night of drinking, the effects of the alcohol are masked and you tend to drink more than you should. Your company should be your stimulant. If you’re that drunk and/or tired, it’s time to grab that cab and go home.

But after it’s all said and done, the most important part about enjoying your night out is exercising judgement. We understand that sometimes you want to cut loose, but don’t hurt yourself or others. Have your fun, but stay safe, and make sure you’re alive in the morning.