5 Party Games that will make you LOL

Are you looking for a good icebreaker for your office or school activity? Need to bring a little more laughter and fun to your next chalet or group gathering?

“Ooh yes~! But does it involve the screams of the innocent and bodily harm? Because that did not go down well at the last office retreat…”

Er… if you’re looking for something that does not involve physically maiming another person, then look no further. I present to you Fuzz’s Fantabulous Five Board Games To Bring To A Party~!

“Should I be wearing pants for this?”

The following games listed below were chosen with a specific set of criteria:

  1. At least 4 players are required
  2. Good for both children and adults
  3. Easy to learn how to play

Ranked in no particular order, here are my recommendations:

[divider]One Night Werewolf[/divider]


There are a lot of games out there with great “traitor” mechanics — where one or two players are secretly working against the whole group to win the game.

But few games capture the storytelling and fun atmosphere like One Night Werewolf.  The whole game is very easy to just pick it up and play on the spot. There’s even an iPad app to act as the narrator when playing the game.

There’s nothing more satisfying than accusing your closest friends of being a traitor while you evilly take them out one by one. *cue evil laughter*

[divider]Say Anything[/divider]


Step 1: Gather a group of your close friends
Step 2: Pick a card from the game and choose a question from that card
Step 3: Laugh at the often ridiculous and hilarious answers that your friends can come up with.

With questions like “If I Could Have a Big Anything, What Would It Be?”, you’re in for a great evening.

[divider]Dungeon Fighter[/divider]


Don’t be fooled by the cover of this board game; this is no dungeon crawl. This is a game of dexterity where to defeat the monsters and challenges, you’ll have to toss the dice at the target. Sounds easy? Think again. Some challenges require you to toss the dice from between your legs or get a friend to hold your hand to toss it.

Get your video cameras ready because you’re going to have a riot playing this with your friends.



This is the perfect game for anyone who doesn’t mind looking like a complete nutter! Quelf will have you racking your brain trying to answer silly trivia or attempting a ridiculous stunt, all while obeying funny rules like pretending you have no arms.

Quelf offers you the chance to have a crazy fun-filled evening with friends and family, all looking like absolute looneys!



Can’t decide between Taboo or Pictionary? Try Cranium instead!

This game comes with a variety of different games that allows players to test their mettle against each other. Be it a chance to show off your trivia knowledge, or your artistic flair, or your physical acting chops, Cranium has something for everyone.

Pro tip: treat the game like you’re in a game show for an added bonus. Loser gets to do a forfeit! BRING OUT THE NIPPLE CLAMPS!


And there you have it – my 5 picks for party games.

“Oh that actually sounds a lot more fun than what my friends normally play at parties. It involves dice, a roll of toilet paper and a goat. Preferably alive.”

Er, that sounds… different.

Do you have a party game that you use for your social gathering that was not mentioned? Let me know in the comments and I hope you have a magnificent time playing.

Until the next time, my beautiful readers, may all your dice rolls be sexy awesome.