5 Halloween Makeup Tips and Tricks

Halloween, the only time when looking your best means looking as bad and horrific as possible. While some might be blessed with naturally ghoulish features (and the lack of make-up works in your favour) the rest of us go through great pains to look our worst.

Ironically, looking your worst can sometimes be harder than looking your best… getting the right shade of green, getting those lacerations to look just right and to keep the blood looking fresh throughout the night.

Here are 5 Halloween Makeup Tips and Tricks!

First up… blood

Be a cut above the rest…

Next, get your nails done… Walking Dead Style

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Be a head turner. Make everyone take a second look and go WTF??!

and finally, wear out your best smile…

Well these little effects don’t cost very much and with a little creativity you’ll be shambling around town like a respectable Zombie, Ghoul, Undead or whatever creature of the night you prefer.

Happy Halloween!