5 Really Dumb Things Happening in the Comic Book World

Most of this century has been dominated by films inspired by or based on comic books, mostly superhero ones. While, for the most part, this has been great for superhero fanatics like me, it has still been a bumpy ride.

Nevertheless, for all the disappointing Fantastic 4s and Ghost Riders, or painful Green Lanterns and Wolverines, or downright stupid as fuck Man of Steels and Batman V Supermans, we’ve also been graced by the likes of the X-Men series (somewhat), the MCU (mostly), and an era of TV shows (hail The CW/Netflix!).

Unfortunately, with most of the established and familiar franchises either taking a turn with new cast and timelines, or reaching the end of their grand schemes, the age of change for comic book adaptations is upon us and things… are looking pretty fucking dumb.

[divider]Sony Doesn’t Know What to Do with Spider-Man and Friends[/divider]

After a somewhat turbulent 7 years, history was made when Marvel Studios and Sony announced their collaborative efforts in bringing Spider-Man to life… again.

With creative direction overseen by Marvel and Sony reaping financial benefits, it’s pretty much a win-win-win situation for both studios and the audience. And for anyone who may have been less than sure, Tom Holland’s appearance in Captain America: Civil War has surely quelled their concerns.

Unfortunately, Sony has once again complicated matters by since announcing a whole glut of Spider-Man related standalone movies… that will not be a part of the MCU at all.

Venom, Carnage, Black Cat, Spider-Ham, Silver Sable are just some of these announced characters. In fact, in recent interviews, even Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige can’t seem to decide if the expanded Spidey universe will be an extension of the MCU.

If they aren’t, will the two universes be sharing the same Spider-Man? Or will it simply be devoid of Spidey entirely? Which wouldn’t exactly make sense…

Great job, guys!

[divider]DC is Going to Release a Movie a Year… but They Don’t Know Which Ones[/divider]

It’s now universally known that Wonder Woman was so awesome that she deserves to belong in the MCU more than Dr Strange or GotG2. The success of their 2nd standalone, and overall 4th entry, is a good sign for WB given that this year will also see the release of Justice League.

With this sudden spurt of success, it’s only normal that WB has announced their intention to schedule at least one DC movie per year. Which is great. It would also be great if they knew exactly what those movies were.

Up until a couple of months ago, 2018 was slated to have a “DCEU movie” with it only just being confirmed as James Wan’s Aquaman. 2019 is supposed to be home to either The Batman or The Flash, both of which have either only very recently found a director or still looking for one, respectively. A Man of Steel sequel has been in the works since before the release of the first one in 2013, but it has had its spot usurped twice by Batman V Superman and Justice League. A Green Lantern Corps film has been slated for 2020 even though the character has not been invited to join the League despite being a mainstay. And to top it all off, apparently someone in WB thinks that the audience want a Cyborg movie.

Of course, there is some credit to the method of throwing mud at a wall and seeing what sticks, but maybe it’ll be a better idea if the WB execs knew exactly where the walls were before throwing shit at them.