47% of Malaysians Would Vote For Donald Trump

What if Malaysians could cast a vote in US Presidential Elections? A good 47% would vote ‘Donald Trump’.

Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) conducted a survey with nearly 2,000 international respondents across five countries (Germany, United Kingdom, France, Malaysia & Mexico) to examine international views on the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

While politics isn’t normally our cup of tea, you have to admit, the US presidential elections is more entertainment than politics. So entertaining, that it’s got everyone’s interest from all over the world. Almost 70% felt that the next U.S. President will have a major impact on the world, and half say he or she will have a big impact on their lives.

At 47%, while Malaysians still feel that Trump is the least qualified of all the candidates, the top adjectives used to describe him are – Educated (40%), Diplomatic (36%), a Leader (35%), Egotistical (34%), Effective (32%), Disrespectful (31%), Honest (31%) and Fair (31%). Trump does seem to have hit the right chord among the youth though – among 16 to24 year olds, Trump triumphs at a staggering 60% among all five countries.

While Hillary Clinton still edges the race amongst the Malaysians at 53%, only Malaysia and UK (67%) ranked Marco Rubio as most qualified for Presidency compared to Clinton.

Who else would Malaysians pick as the next U.S. president?

Where celebrities are concerned, 15% of Malaysians say Kanye West would make a good U.S. President and 22% think Kim Kardashian would make a good First Lady. I wonder if this stat correlates with the long term damage sustained from getting dropped on your head as a child.

Brad Pitt 25%, Angelina Jolie 22%, George Clooney 20%, Taylor Swift 20%, Clint Eastwood 15%, Pharrell Williams 14%, Scarlett Johnson 14%, and Queen B (Beyoncé) at 13% made up the rest of the candidates.

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Who would I vote for? Well I’m #TeamCap.