Now You Can EVOLVE into an OBSERVER!

You’ve got your mic in front of you. Millions of people are hanging onto your every word as you describe the action and carnage that’s unfolding before your very eyes. You are THE OBSERVER!

2K and Turtle Rock Studios are excited to introduce to you Evolve’s newest feature – Observer Mode!

Just like how the Pros use thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment to pull off a broadcast capturing, soon you’ll be in full control, able to do the same thing – just without the expensive equipment. All you’ll need: a copy of the game, and gamepad or mouse and keyboard.

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The Evolve community has been asking for a way to spectate a complete Evolve match, and it looks like their cries have been heard as 2K and Turtle Rock Studios bring Observer Mode to Evolve soon, for all platforms – completely free.

So what is Observer Mode? Well it lets you do a few things:

Be a Shoutcaster! You can now have Custom matches with 1 to 5 players, then add an Observer to your game, using the Hunter/Monster selection screen. Not only can you watch the game as the sixth player, but you can also use Observer mode to livestream these matches with added commentary. Think you got what it takes to be the next DB? Now you’ll have the tools to give him a run for his money.

Jump between character cameras! One of the coolest things about watching a match live is being able to see the Hunters coordinate and then jump to where the Monster is lurking. With Observer Mode, you’ll be able to seamlessly switch views between Hunters and Monster. Once a character camera is selected you’ll be able to rotate the camera around the character to see what is happening behind or beside them. Just highlight the Hunter (or Monster) you want to see and you’re there.

MinMax the HUD! Evolve will have a custom HUD that gives you vital information about everyone playing without the on-screen clutter. See stuff like the current perks being used and expected survival odds. Overlay the minimap, enjoy a cinematic angle or toggle the whole thing off and kick back and enjoy the view. On top of all this, you can even outline characters, making it easier to see them across the map.

DAISYCAM! Yes, a DaisyCam–Provided a player has selected Maggie, you can follow everyone’s favorite trapjaw, Daisy.

If you want to know more about Observer Mode, log on this Thursday at 3pm PT, as the studios run a special pre-recorded livestream showing the Observer mode in action (and, most of Friday, they’ll be broadcasting the Evolve ESL Pro-Am live from PAX East.) Catch it all at twitch.tv/evolvegame.