2023 James Dyson Award: Inventions from Singapore and the Philippines Shortlisted

The next generation of engineers and inventors are showcasing their groundbreaking ideas as the international stages of the 2023 James Dyson Award kick-off. With 20 trailblazing inventions shortlisted, these young minds are competing for the ultimate prize — S$48,000 to further develop their life-changing solutions.

Auxobrace (feature image), Singapore’s innovative contribution to the shortlist, aims to revolutionize post-operative care. Conceived by young inventor E Ian Siew, this vest-like device enhances the fusion of the sternum bone following surgery.

Motivated by his personal struggle with open-heart surgery recovery, Siew collaborated with specialists from the National University Hospital in Singapore. Now a Design Research Engineer at the NUS Centre for Additive Manufacturing, Siew is focusing on advancing his research in rehabilitation devices.

“The James Dyson Award has immensely boosted my confidence. It’s an honour to be recognized by the Dyson engineering community,” said Siew.

From the Philippines comes Make-roscope—a keychain tool by entrepreneur Jeremy De Leon that transforms smartphones into microscopes. Already used by over 3,000 Filipino students and teachers, this nifty device could democratize science education worldwide.

Down under in Australia, Alexander Burton’s REVR aims to curtail the transportation industry’s carbon footprint. Accounting for 20% of global emissions, Burton addresses the issue by offering a retrofit kit that converts traditional cars into hybrid electric vehicles.

Rachael Pink, Dyson’s Head of Technology Development, shared her insights on what it takes to make the elite shortlist. “Inventors must illustrate a profound understanding of how their concept can be realized in a robust manner, even showcasing how failures led to improved designs,” said Pink.

This year’s panel of judges consists of 14 engineers from Dyson’s R&D centres in Singapore, the UK, Malaysia, and the Philippines. These experts in fields ranging from sustainability to energy storage were joined by undergraduates from the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology.

“The James Dyson Award offers young inventors an invaluable platform. It’s invigorating to see innovative solutions in medicine and sustainability,” said Hong Fei Hu, Dyson’s Head of Electronics.

The global winners will be announced on November 15, 2023, setting the stage for the next wave of inventions that could very well change the world.