20 LGBTQ Super-Heroes and Villains

In honour of Pink Dot and LGBTQ pride month, here’re 20 superheroes (and villains) who’ve boldly come out of the closet, adding a much needed dose of representation to otherwise diverse universes!


Despite having been depicted as heterosexual since his first appearance way back in X-Men #01, it was recently revealed by way of a time-travelling Iceman from the past that he is actually gay.

Although this upset certain fans who were confused as to how a character who has been straight for 50 years can suddenly be revealed to be gay by a version of himself time-travelling from the past.

Of course, how fans could be more confused by the fact that a character is revealed to be gay but be perfectly fine with the fact that we’re talking about a time-travelling guy who can turn into ice is truly beyond me.

Batwoman & The Question

Ironically introduced as a means of countering rumours of Batman and Robin being gay, Kate Kane was later revealed to be lesbian. Tackling the very real issue of the US military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell,” Kane went on to being an actual hero battling injustice on the streets of Gotham.

Another hero on the streets of Gotham was Detective Renee Montoya. Although originally created for the ‘90s Batman animated series, Montoya was one of the many who has since graduated to comic book canon. Leaving her job on the force due to corruption, Montoya’s relationship with Kate Kane was one of the few things helping her keep it to together. When even that falls apart, she finds herself recruited by the dying Question (Vic Sage) in his search for an heir.


Twice the record holder, Alpha Flight’s Northstar was the first superhero to say the words “I am gay” in mainstream comics waaay back in 1992 and, twenty years later, went on to become part of the first same-sex wedding in the Marvel Universe when he finally got hitched to longtime partner Kyle Jinadu!

Congrats, guys!

John Constantine

Whether played by Keanu Reeves or Matt Ryan, John Constantine is a man who oozes sexiness from his every pore.

Okay, so maybe that description was a little less than sexy.

But my point’s that clearly neither men nor women can resist the charisma of Constantine… and we know that ol’ John’s never gonna pass up an opportunity for a good time in bed.

Ms America

In an alternate future there is a Captain America who is a gay Latina female named America Chavez—basically a future in which Donald Trump and his horde of morons would die of epileptic shock.

Going by Ms America, Chavez is diverse as diversity gets. The daughter of two mothers, she is also one of Marvel’s strongest superheroes and a natural team leader with great things destined for her future (Re: becoming frikkin’ Captain America!).

Despite having been in a relationship with a male, Chavez came out of the closet, giving a whole new perspective to her playful banter with current Hawkeye, Kate Bishop.

And most awesomely? Her current title is being written by Gabby Rivera, a lesbian Latina novelist.


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