12 Things Not To Miss At GameStart 2015

GameStart is back again and it’s even bigger than last year. Following the success of its inaugural show last year, GameStart 2015 will open its doors to the general public on November 14 and 15, 2015 at Suntec Convention Centre, Halls 401 and 402, with double the floor space from last year at almost 4,000 square metres.

Last year, more than 12,000 game enthusiasts from Singapore and around the region had an adrenaline-fuelled weekend, trying their hands at over 45 games, cheering the players on at a variety of tournaments and competitions, and getting the insider view on everything to do with gaming.

This year, GameStart promises the same and more! We got the chance to get an early look at what’s in store and here are our picks of things not to miss:



First up, the awesome work from the people at Kinetiquettes who’re known for producing highly artistic and dynamic collectible statues unlike anything introduced in the market before. It seems like every time I visit their booth at the many conventions, they always manage to make me stop and just go ‘wow’.

This time at GameStart, they’ve got an awesome M Bison that hovers in his display case.


The extremely talented people at Liongeeks have some really good prints and items for sale at very reasonable prices. Check out the ‘cry baby’ series as well as the Star Wars. My personal favourite though, their take on social media as robots.

[divider]Retro Games[/divider]

Once again there’s a whole section dedicated to games by Retro DNA who brought in several systems from yesteryear – from table top games to consoles and arcades such as Time Crisis 2. Re-live the good old days before LAN gaming and get back to your gaming roots.



Armaggeddon‘s come armed to the teeth with gaming gear galore. If you’re looking for a new gaming keyboard, check out the RGB Raptor MKA 11 R mechanical gaming keyboard, that comes in black and white (pictured) chassis. Plus also look out for the Molotov 3 – a headset specially made with mobile gaming in mind.

[divider]Star Wars Battle Pod[/divider]


Definitely a showstopper, the Star Wars Battle Pod – a experiential arcade game that features a dome-shaped screen, transporting players into heated battles in a galaxy far, far away. In other words… it’s da’ bomb.

The Battle Pod, brought in by GeekCulture.co puts you in the cockpit and in control of different fighters in iconic locations like the Death Star and do furious and fast-paced battle.

[divider]Mortal Kombat X Challenge[/divider]

It’s time to get vicious and pit your skills against Timothy Cruz, winner of the Mortal Kombat X Asia Pacific Championships 2015. Beat him in 2 rounds out of 3 and you’ll be declared winner, earn bragging rights and left to wonder what might have been if you took part in the Championships. Maybe you’d be invited instead of Cruz. Lead a life of celebrity, get sponsored by a gaming giant… limousines, fanfare and all that bass. Who says there’s no career in playing video games… people who don’t play video games.

[divider]Made in Singapore[/divider]

It’s all about made in Singapore games in the middle of GameStart. I have to admit, there are some pretty awesome games on showcase. One in particular – Space Jacked (by Rotten Mage) caught  my attention. Combining bit-graphics, tower defence and side-scroll shooting, this platformer has the potential to be highly addictive and challenging. Broken controllers in your future I see…


Battleborn the game for ‘Every Kind of Badass’ is available for play at the playstation booths. It’s still in development though but I have to say the attitude, humor and bad-assery has got me really looking forward to release – TAKE MY MONEY NOW!

Battleborn has a roster of 25 playable heroes and each hero has his/her own personality and comes equipped with their own unique weapons and powers. Choose your skill traits when you level up to suit your style of play you just might be the Badass that saves the world… if not, you’re just an ass.

Battleborn features a Story mode, either solo or with friends on splitscreen, and of course, 5v5 multiplayer modes are available as well.

[divider]Dark Souls III[/divider]

If you like dying… alot, then Dark Souls III is the game for you. Satisfy your craving for challenges that make the trials of Hercules look like a walk in the park.  The much awaited third installment of the Souls series lives up to the franchise’s reputation and is a must try. Dark Souls will launch early 2016.



Blizzard’s booth this year is at least 3 times the space as last year’s. Have a go at popular Blizzard titles, get ‘tattoos’ and unlock in-game goodies for Heroes of the Storm.

Hearthstone players rejoice! You get a change to try the latest Hearthstone Adventure – the League of Explorers. Also achieve a victory in Hearstone and redeem a cool pin (badge). Got 3 pieces of Blizzard swag on you and you’ll get some really cool (pun intended) Blizzard postcards.

And there’s that other little thing about getting guaranteed beta access to Legion, the latest expansion for the World of Warcraft.


Gamestart Asia Cosplay
*GameStart 2014*

Cosplayers, here’s your chance to get noticed. The keen eyes of Neo Tokyo Project‘s talent spotters will be scanning the convention to select the best Cosplayers to be part of the Cosplay Runway and stand a chance to win awesome stuff sponsored by Armaggeddon.

Do you think you have what it takes? Well now you know who to impress.

[divider]Playstation VR[/divider]


It’s time for reality, of the virtual kind. Be one of the first to try the new Playstation VR. Will it change the way we game? The potential applications are simply amazing. Never know, this might just be where gaming changes.