Spider-man 10 Things
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10 Things you should know about Spider-Man after the Movie

I am sure you guys have watched the Amazing Spiderman 2 at least once by now. I REALLY enjoyed the movie and I hope that you did as well. Like every Marvel movie (DC is quite hit-and-miss in this area) there are lots of Easter Eggs hidden as little treats for the Fan-Boys and Gals. An iconic Easter Egg – one which probably everyone knows about by now is that Stan ‘The Man’ Lee makes a cameo in almost all the movies. It’s something that almost everyone looks out for.

It’s no different with the Amazing Spider-Man. Stan Lee makes his appearance but what’s really cool is that there so many name drops that it’s really got me excited on what’s gonna be in store for us when Amazing Spiderman 3 comes out.  Here are some of the Easter Eggs in the movie and some fun facts that you can throw about and test your friends!

[divider]The Beginning[/divider]

Spider-man 10 Things

It was after the success of the Fantastic Four that Stan Lee had decided that the world needed a Peter Parker in their lives. In a pulp magazine, there was a character named THE SPIDER who had a GREAT INFLUENCE on Stan Lee in which inspired him to create Spider-Man.

In the 1990’s Marvel Editor and Chief, Tom DeFalco, said that he did not believe that Spider-Man would make it in the industry TODAY. Well lets all thank god that the Spider-Man came out in the 1962, which we all know was the day everyone laid their hands on the very special comic of Amazing Fantasy #15.

[divider]The Wicked Witch of Midtown[/divider]

Spider-man 10 Things

Did you know that the Green Goblin‘s glider used to look like a broom? Back then before the days of H.A.M.M.E.R and even before he was known as Norman Osborn, he used to wreck havoc with a broom stick-glider like a witch. According to Steve Ditko, the co-creator of Spider-Man, Stan Lee’s version of the Green Goblin was supposed to be an ancient mythological demon that was to come to life when a movie crew discovered a sarcophagus in Egypt. Thank you Steve, for giving us the goblin as we know him today. THANK YOU!

[divider]The Sinister Six[/divider]

Spider-man 10 Things

The Sinister Six are a collection of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies that decide to team up to get rid of the web-head once and for all – or so they thought. In the movie there were some hints as to who the movie version of the six will be and the speculation has already begun.

For those who are wondering who the first team of Sinisters were, DONT FRET, I’ve come to dawn the information on you! Doctor Octopus, after getting his tiny ass whipped by Spiderman had decided, enough is enough! He contacts EVERY SPIDER-MAN villain hoping some of them would respond. The Vulture, Electro, Kraven, Mysterio and Sandman did. Talk about a straight up bad ass team!

[divider]9 GIRLFRIENDS![/divider]

Spider-man 10 Things

We all know Gwen Stacy, We all DEFINITELY KNOW MARY JANE (J Scott Cambelle Covers) and of course the very flirtatious Felicia Hardy aka the Black Cat. But what?? 6 MORE YOU SAY! Peter YOU HOUND YOU!

There was Betty Brant, whom Peter actually met at the Daily Bugle, Carlie Cooper who was a police officer, Michelle Gonzales the lawyer, Carol Danvers (Ms Marvel) whom which had the same love for JUNK FOOD as Peter Parker did, Liz Allen whom later became Harry Osborn’s wife and the midly odd Debra Whitman. Now whoever said Peter Parker was socially awkward, I would say he had a fair share of booty.

[divider]The costumes of Spider-Man[/divider]

Spider-man 10 Things

So how many costumes does Spider-Man have…. 1? nah come on, we already saw a couple….there was the black costume, there was the future foundation costume (white in color, very spanking). From the year 1962 all the way till now, there have been 26 different costumes. But same old Peter Parker.

He was known to have the MOST costumes on one single hero and if you thought Wolverine was everywhere in the Marvel Universe, think again, The Spider-Man has joined every single team in the universe including the Fantastic four but sadly, not the X-men.

[divider]What’s the Big Deal? He can only climb walls![/divider]

Spider-man 10 Things

Now lets all face it, Spider-Man is one tough guy, but do we really know his capabilities? We see him fighting countless villains but why do villains fear him and always try their very best to bring him down but can’t?

Thats simple, among the wall crawling abilities, the spider that bit him left him with the ability of Super Strength – he basically can carry approximately 10 tons – even more if he’s pumped on adrenaline. His Spider Sense allow him to sense danger about 400 meters away, perfect balance, superhuman speed and agility that allows him to look so damn cool when he swings around, academically brilliant in field of Science (chemistry, psychics, biology, engineering, mathematics and mechanics) and regenerative healing factor.

His greatest power? His deep-rooted sense of responsibility and principles. Spider-Man does not kill. When he’s fighting villains he’s actually holding back. He can easily flip over a car or punch through a wall – but there have only been a couple of times where he’s lost his cool  -and even THEN he held back. You never want to go toe-to-toe with an angry spider!


Spider-man 10 Things

Forbes 25 largest fictional companies ranks Oscorp at #23 with 3.1 billion dollars in sales. It is also a multinational corporation based in New York ran by non-other than Osborne and his teacher Mendel Stromm. Since Norman put in the funds they called their company Osborn Chemicals and now, Oscorp. Eat your heart out Trump.

[divider]Did you hear the name Smythe in the show? [/divider]

Spider-man 10 Things

Now we did watch the movie and for some of us, there were MAJOR name droppings, like Felicia (Hardy maybe?? Black Cat?), one of which is Smythe (played by B.J. Novac of the Office fame). When Max Dillon said that, we just went crazy. Wondering who he is? His father created the Spider-Slayers in which was used in various comics to kill of Spiderman. After his tragic death at the hands of Spiderman, Alistair continued the legacy and from then on, he had a new found hatred for Spiderman. Not so friendly after all eh Spiderman?

[divider]How many Villains does he actually have?[/divider]

Spider-man 10 Things

Anyone speculating on who would be the next villain in the show? Well I would hate to tell you think but you might have to choose from a list of exactly 120 villains. Thats right, Ive hand counted them personally for you, From Venom to Carnage, from Carrion to that crazy bunny robot woman, there are exactly 120 villains all waiting for a chance to have his head mounted on their walls.

[divider]How succesful was Amazing Spiderman 2[/divider]

Spider-man 10 Things

HUGE, it was epic? Not just in quality but recently, Variety had the results in and Amazing Spider-Man 2 is on track for a potential 95 Million dollars Stateside opening next month. The 95 million dollars estimate would put Sony’ pic more than $30 million dollars ahead of Amazing Spider-Man 1 and on par with Captain America : The Winter Soldier which also went on a record-breaking $96 million last weekend. The Amazing Spider-Man went on to gross $752 Million worldwide! Definitely not a washout.

So I hope you guys had watched the movie and loved it as much as I did. And if you guys didnt, go catch it. The Drama, The Comedy and the Action all perfectly blended into a Marvel show I WILL NEVER FORGET!

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