Batman Villains

10 Marvel Villains that should be Batman Villains

I think we all can safely say that Batman’s villains are either insane, whacked, wicked, smart and dosed with loads of hatred towards the Cape Crusader. But what if the worlds were merged (which has happened countless times) and Batman had Marvel villains. Would Batman be able to take them?

This is my top ten list of Marvel villains who should dwell in the underworld of Gotham City. Agree with me or not, I bet you they would put up a fight against the other Arkham asylum mates.

[divider]10. Kingpin[/divider]

Heavy, smart and cunning, Wilson Fisk has the capabilities to take down the Dark Knight himself on a one on one fight. Let’s face it, cross the Kingpin and he’ll make your life a living hell. He has contacts everywhere, from the deep criminal underworlds to the Hellfire Club (Yes yes, the same one Sebastian Shaw is at now).

We can also safely say that Wilson not only made Spider-Man’s life a mess, but he made Daredevil lose control. A millionaire himself, money would not be a problem to even take down Wayne Enterprises. Think about it guys…think about it.

[divider]9. Bullseye[/divider]


He never misses…..NEVER! Would the Dark Knight be able to duck away from a shot from Bulleye? I would think this match is a full-on fight to the death. Bullseye’s eagerness to prove everyone wrong has made him one of the most vicious people in the world. Cunning and intelligent, I am sure he is one guy who would give Batman a run for his money (which of course he has lots of….but that’s a separate note).

With his links to the criminal underworld, he’d make a perfect villain in Gotham. I mean Gotham is made up of all kinds of freaks that test Batman’s moral judgement. Bullseye, is made for Batman I say!

[divider]8. Sabretooth[/divider]


Ohhhhhhh come on! With viciousness like Killer Croc, the cunning capabilities of the Joker, his cold-bloodedness of Mister Freeze mixed in with a little agility – wouldn’t you think Sabretooth guy would make THE perfect villain for Batman. It took countless of times for Wolverine to outwit Sabretooth and tons and tons and tons worth of fights to bring one Sabretooth down. Think Batman could handle him? My money is on Sabretooth!

[divider]7. Green Goblin[/divider]

Green Goblin

So besides that sinister laugh and the agonizing pain he constantly gives to Spider-Man, I think Osborne would make a perfect villain for Batman. Both of them testing out their technology with one another – this match would be purely based on who would have the MEANEST toys. Based on that, the Goblin Glider would really add to the mix. Batman would have a hard time reaching him.

Yes, yes I know Batman is one of the most brilliant minds in the world but lets all not forget who the Green Goblin is and who he had to face – Spider-Man had spider senses for crying out loud.

[divider]6. Typhoid Mary[/divider]

Typhoid Mary

Who is she? Oh is she the most BEAUTIFUL thing you’ll see, yet sadistic and a tad more violent than any other Marvel Villainnes. She’s a psychotic assassin with the mutant ability Pyrokenesis. NOT ONLY can she create fire, shes got peak level agility and reflexes and is a skilled armed combatant. Not to mention armed with a killer look. FYI, she was the only mutant that was never introduced in an X-men comic – until recently this year that is.

[divider]5. Tombstone[/divider]


A gangster who controlled a little of New York, Lonnie Lincoln was known for his huge and intimidating size and also his albinism which he used to his advantage in scaring the wits out of his foes. At first, Lonnie had no real powers, but, after gaining them through a mutagenic reaction to an experimental preservative gas, he possessed strength beyond a normal human being, had the ability to endure extreme temperatures, impact forces and high calibre bullets. I would think he would give Batman a run for his money.

[divider]4. Elektra[/divider]


Is it just me or does anyone see the similarities with the League of Shadows and The Hand? Talia and Elektra? We all know how this is going down? Batman would see Elektra as the most beautiful girl in the world. As usual (Talia, Catwoman, Phantasm), they both fall in love. Elektra becomes good for a while, but knows that her place is with the dark side. Batman would fight for her love – she ends up doing something morally challenging to Batman and he’ll be unable to forgive her. Drama drama drama….why are we suckers for it?

[divider]3. HYDRA[/divider]


*Whispers* Hail Hydra. Now, most of the villains I’ve named had to match up brawn and technology to overpower the Dark Knig. But what about his detective skills, his stunning intellect and powers of deduction. What would HYDRA have that would intrigue Batman? MYSTERY!

All the world’s conspiracies in Marvel leads to one place and one place only, HYDRA. With the likes of Crossbones, Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier), Red Skull, Baron Von Strucker and all their relations to the Hand, it would a hell of an adventure for Batman – one secret that might actually kill him.

[divider]2. The Owl[/divider]

The Owl

Let’s mix The Penguin with a little bit of Marvel and what do you get? Once a successful financial investor, Nicknamed the “Owl of Wall Street”, Leland Owlsley was involved in tax evasion, he hid out in New York and turned to a life of crime. The guy has money, he’s smart, he’s cunning and if he decides not to get his hands dirty, he’ll hire people, lots of them, all probably want a piece of the Batman.

Not only will he hire them to kill Batman, but the Owl would pick off the pieces a little at a time after they are done with him. Let’s all agree, he may not be the most brutal and vicious as the rest, but he is persistent, and with persistence like that, he could one day have the upper hand.

[divider]1. The Winter Soldier[/divider]

Winter Soldier

Did you really think I would leave him out of this. The Winter Soldier was almost the equivalent to Captain America – the same fighting skill set, the same tenacity, coolest gadgets from HYDRA themselves, persistence and cold-bloodlessness. It’s like Captain America fighting Batman already. Not only with the fight be enough for Batman to handle, but the mystery that revolves around the Winter Soldier would make Batman take his sense of crime investigation to another level.

You cant read what the Winter Soldier is about to do, you can’t outwit him and you definitely don’t know the Winter Soldier, because he is just that damn good at what he does and nothing will stop him from obeying orders. Eat your heart out Batman, Winter is coming!

I do hope you guys pitch in and tell me who YOU think would be a good Marvel Villain for the cape crusader too!