10 DC Bombshells by Ant Lucia

Lifelong DC Comics fan and illustrator Ant Lucia has come up with some spectacular renditions, of some of our favourite DC heroines — re-imagined in his own unique pin-up style as part of the DC Bombshells collection!

[divider]Black Canary[/divider]

DC Bombshell Black Canary

[divider]Wonder Woman[/divider]

DC Bombshell Wonder Woman


DC Bombshell Stargirl


DC Bombshell Batgirl

[divider]Harley Quinn[/divider]

DC Bombshell Harley Quinn


DC Bombshell Hawkgirl


DC Bombshell Catwoman

[divider]Poison Ivy[/divider]

DC Bombshell Poison Ivy


DC Bombshell Mera


DC Bombshell Supergirl


These images are available as prints from Quantum Mechanix Inc. (QMX) here. Each DC Comics Bombshell will be rendered on a museum quality 18″x24″ art print and is available at $14.95.

Which is your favourite and who do you think should deserve the pin-up treatment?